BLAM: The All-In One Launchpad for NFT Creators

Build demand with allow lists. Generate, Manage, and Launch your NFT collection, with ease and zero upfront costs!

Become a NFT creator in seconds


The No-Code NFT Launchpad For NFT Collections. Generate, manage, and launch your next gas optimized NFT Collection with zero upfront cost!

Zero Upfront Cost

BLAM charges a 7% fee on the first primary sale of each token dispersed at withdrawl. Zero upfront cost means only profit for every user.

Personalized Mint Site

BLAM creates a NFT mint site tailored to your collection and only your customers pay for the Gas Fees

Own Your Smart Contract

BLAM adheres to open and decentralized standards meaning users will have full control of their tokens and contracts with the ability to bring on additional utilities as your collection expands.

Scheduled Time Drop and Token Reveal

Schedule a time to mint and reveal each token. Build hype before the launch to ensure success of the collection.

Avoid Gas Wars

Use allowlists for pre sales to reward community interactions and decrease gas increases during public sale.

Deploy a Generative Collection with Ease


Upload pieces of art

Upload your transparent raw assets for use in making the art for your token.


Adjust those pieces

Configure your contract how you like it. Add white lists, reserves, free tokens and more.


Generate your contract in minutes

Generate your contract with ease using our point and click interface.